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This complex transaction doesn’t have to be intimidating, and with the help of a trained REALTOR®, it won’t be. Here’s what I can do:

  • I have a calculated, proven series of actions that will get your home sold in a snap and as close to your asking price as is viable.
  • My understanding of the current market helps you set a competitive price, and get it.
  • My knowledge of the financing options for buyers helps you sell faster.
  • I can determine what your net proceeds will be by taking into consideration the types of loans, your outstanding loan balance and closing costs.
  • I know how to add sales appeal to your home at low or moderate cost.
  • I know how to attract truly qualified prospective Buyers. Considering that Buyers tend to work with a real estate agent, it is easy for me to determine what their realistic price range and level of seriousness is. This means only serious Buyers are shown your home.
  • My extensive professional networks allow me to access a vast market of Buyers, and other resources, and I will do this for you.
  • I take personal responsibility for all aspects of the sales process: networking, showing, answering inquiries, making appointments, doing follow-up etc. This takes all the pressure off your shoulders.
  • I know how to motivate Buyers and can assert that only serious buyers will be shown your home. This saves us both time!
  • I can be objective when responding to criticisms from the Buyer, and in presenting offers and counter-offers until an agreement is reached. This makes the process stress-free for you.
  • I can offer financial advice to Buyers, helping them buy better and faster.
  • I won’t leave you hanging at any point in the selling process, and will explain procedures as we go along. As a REALTOR® I will attend the closing with you.
  • I put in time to save you time. I will sell your home.

Put me, your Inland Empire REALTOR®, to work for you. I am a real estate professional and can answer all your questions about price, terms, possession, etc.